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April 5

An antique sense of tradition mixed up with creativity and style

Motta Alfredo S.p.A. has always turned a particular attention, employing a significant quantity of resources, to the environmental problems. As the experts know, treated leathers derive from the slaughter of goats and sheep, bred for their meat and wool, and the tanning process realizes the difficult passage from the animal slough to the leather ready to be used. Since many...

April 5

motta alfredo tannery since 1912 starts his R&D Lab

An important factor is a collaborative partnership between the stylists and designers in order to prepare a custom sample based on an analysis of the latest fashion trends. This means that the experience, skills and a long standing tradition of our tannery has enabled  us to establish an open dialogue with major manufacturers around the world and  have become the...

April 5

Made In Italy HandMade leather garments

Made In Italy has a long tradition in making garments above all in leather and suede . Here we can let the entire world see an exceptional example of a tannery that was able to transform its leather garment manufacturing in leather garments manufacturing  Motta Alfredo spa    Our Company has been founded in 1912 as tannery, dyeing and finishing skins for gloves. From...

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